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The International Folklore Meetings "Kupalnocka" is a festival, which is listed in the calendar of cultural events Mazovia as colorful artists and public meetings devoted to the exploration and promotion of folklore. Performances of domestic and foreign - even from the remotest corners of the world, encourage cultural exchanges and breaking ethnic barriers. They bring joy and create an excellent opportunity to make new friends, share experiences. At the present time, when the world seeks to unify and regretted seeing the disappearance of the tradition, which is the most precious heritage of nations, we can not overstate the importance of our Festival. In the twentieth year of the Festival hosted teams from 37 countries of the world. The Festival is held annually around 30 concerts. Participates in them nearly 50 thousand. the audience.

The International Folklore Meetings will be in 26 - 28 Jun 2015.

 kupalnocka 2015